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If you're not meeting new people now, and you keep doing what you're doing, you won't meet new people this week either. If you're not meeting new people, change your activities and where you're going. Right now you may only make infrequent forays out of your house. Or you may be in too great a hurry when you are sighted outside.

Slow down and figure out what people of the opposite sex do that you could stand doing or watching for several hours at a time. Wear and carry appropriate clothes and any props you'll need to participate, whether the group hikes up a hill in a drizzle or eats upscale Chinese and then goes tea dancing.

Take an interest in the other person, the closest person or the person with whom you choose to engage. Find out what the other person is interested in and let the other person tell you about him/herself. People love to talk about themselves.

What can you say that relates to what the other person said? Do you have a question about what you heard? The smartest people are always asking questions to fill in gaps in what they know. But sometimes the rest of us are too embarrassed to ask a question, for example, when we've never heard of the person being discussed. Don't be afraid to ask simple questions that will help you understand more.

When you open yourself, people shower friendship back to you. If someone doesn't respond, you'll have other support. Some people are outgoing any time. Others need time alone to make being with friends possible. Know yourself.

Are you happy? What makes you happy? Make a list of ten activities or songs or scenes that you feel happy doing. Which are your top three favorite activities? How long has it been since you've done each? Are these pursuits you do alone or with others? Answering these questions will give you more information about yourself and where you can find a shared interest with someone else.

You can meet new people doing something that you want to do. Then you'll meet people with whom you share a common interest. What activity do you like to do that a person you'd like to meet would be doing? Do you want to take a class? Open yourself up in order to tap into other people's receptivity and be available to respond to them.

You have to actually be interested in the other person in order for that person to feel like sharing herself or himself. Find out what interests you about this person.

Think back on people you've recently met. Do you know anything about them? If not, is it possible that you're one of these people that fills any silences and talks too much? Do you look at the people you're talking to, so you can tell if you're losing your audience?

Make contact with a new person today. Meeting new people is a learning experience. You get better with practice.