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In addition to your traditional promotion methods, you need to use creative ways to catch your potential customer's attention. The following are some of the creative ways you can use to market your product:

Donate to your local charities and schools

Has your business done anything lately to help raise money for one of the local charities while promoting your business at the same time? What can you donate to your school, which will be very helpful, and at the same time promote your company?

Promote at your local courthouse

Do you sell wedding related, baby or home things? If you sell flowers, gift baskets, baby-wear, home décor or related items, you can arrange to have your information handed out as part of the information pack they hand out to all the couples who come there, wanting to get married.

Sponsor a competition

Contact your local radio station and / newspaper, and find out if they would allow you to sponsor a competition. Make sure that the prizes make it worth people’s attention and time. Freebies used to be unusual, but in recent years, every business owner and his grandfather offer some prize or other, so yours needs to stand out.

Offer freebies

After the competition is over, and the prizes handed out, take the entries and use them as leads. These are the people who wanted to win your product, so you may find a few who are a willing to pay for it.

You need to be very careful though: be upfront form the beginning that you were the competition sponsor and that they did not win the prizes offered. As an account executive selling computer training, I used to offer these qualified people a one-day applications class of their choice.

They would get a sample of what they missed, and would be able to use the freebie I offered, and in return, I would get the opportunity to show them the quality of the training rooms, the courseware, and service on offer. The business generated from this was worth a hundred times more than the cost of the free course offered.

Share your knowledge

Why not write about your business subject in your local paper. Before you dismiss the idea out of hand because you are not a ‘writer,’ think about this, few people in your general area know as much about your subject as you do. Also, editors never argue with free, quality content, and what your writing lacks in excitement, the sub-editors can fix. So go and ask: she can only say ‘No.’

Another way to share your knowledge is to teach a class at the community center or college. This will position you as an expert in the subject, and your students and anyone who knows you teach this class will likely refer people to you when asked.