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Small decorative scented sacks are called sachets and they are used for a variety of reasons. Sachets are placed in closets to repel moths, in drawers they add pleasant scents and they can even be placed in items around any room to freshen the air. Some homemade sachets are used as Christmas decorations to add a pine or cedar scent to an artificial tree, as package decorations or as gifts.

Traditionally most sachets are placed in clothing drawers and closets to scent or their contents. They can be filled with herbs, fragrant dried flowers, spices, wood chips or even fragrant leaves. In many cases a simple sachet is made from a lacy handkerchief that is tied with ribbon or lace but they can also be sewn from fabric scraps and decorated to suit your taste. If you're planning to use your sachet to repel moths, the best fabric to use to make your sack is muslin. Then it can be filled with lavender, tansy, wormwood, cedarwood or southernwood. In this case you should place the sachets in the pockets of the clothing you are trying to protect or tie them to the coat hangers. When you are making your sachets for Christmas cut the fabrics from traditional holiday fabrics and shapes. These can be filled with bayberry, pine, cedar, cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg and other holiday scents. For clothing drawers sachets can be filled with crushed rose petals or any other dried flower.

To make your sachets you should begin by gathering all the ingredients. This can be done throughout the gardening season or you can save flower petals from florist bouquets. Tuberose, lavender and roses tend to retain their scents longer than other dried flowers. Even so, carnations, orange blossoms and honeysuckle work well for making sachets.

All the petals or herbs will need to be crushed and mixed with orris root before you begin. Orris root can be purchased from your local drug store or health food store and will fix the fragrance so it will last longer. Once the petals or herbs are crushed you can also add a few drops of essential oil to make the scent stronger and longer lasting. The sachet sacks can be made out of the fabric of your choice. They can have lace stitched around the edges or be plain. Most sachets are made by sewing two pieces of fabric together on three sides and then inverting them so the sewn seams are inside.

Fill the pocket with the fragrance of your choice and then turn down the fabric on the open end about 1\2 inch and hand stitch the opening together. If you plan to refill your sachet from time to time you can sew lace around the open end and tie it with a ribbon instead. When you sew all four sides you can also stitch a 3 inch piece of doubled ribbon at one corner to be used to hang the sachet. Sachets for drawers can be made flat so they will lay in the bottom of the drawer undetected. Christmas sachets should be cut in the seasonal shape of your choice, sewn and even decorated with sequins or other holiday trim. If you are making your sachets to use as ornaments on your tree always add a doubled piece of ribbon at the top to use as a hanger. When you are using the sachet ornament on your artificial Christmas tree, they can be made in the shape of Santa bags and tied so you can replace the pine or cedar filling from time to time, or add essential oils to enhance the fragrance.