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I was very indecisive about what to do with my daughter's clothes once she outgrew them. I know that most people don't want used clothing and how much money could I get for spit-up stained onsies anyway? Then, I thought of a great new idea that would take care of this problem. Making a keepsake quilt from my daughter's clothes was a great way to keep those early childhood memories lasting forever. Even if you have no experience making a quilt, follow these steps and you're sure to have a great quilt in no time flat.

#1 Cut clothes into 5" x 5" blocks. (This size is based on the fact that children's clothes, especially infant sizes, are too small to produce any other size. If you feel you can handle larger sized blocks, feel free to adjust the size.)

#2 Position blocks in a design that suits you. I designed a quilt for my little sister (using her clothes!) where there were 11 blocks across and 11 blocks down. On a piece of paper I symetrically drew these out, then made heart design in the center of the quilt using her red flannel pj's! It turned out great. However, that isn't the only design possible. Use your imagination or scour your local library's collection of quilting books to come up with a design that suits you and your child.

#3 Using a sewing machine, or by hand, sew blocks across. When all strips are sewn together, sew completed strips together lengthwise.

#4 Sew quilt backing and batting to blocks.

#5 Personalize quilt with your name, your child's name, or other information that you prefer. I handstitched my daughter's name, birthdate, and the date the quilt was finished on the back of her quilt.

#6 Your quilt is ready to use! Either wrap it up for a present or hand it over to those little hands that have been waiting impatiently.

Note: If your child is old enough to help it is a good idea for a mother-daughter/son project to work on toegether.