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Making a Pinata for a child's birthday party is a fun way to play a game and distribute small party favors at the same time.

Pinatas are hollow figures, with candy or small toys inside. Children will love making the pinata almost as much as destroying it. Below are some of the items you will need:

A balloon
A straight pin
Some old newspapers
Colored Tissue paper
Candy or Small Toys

Step 1: Blow up the balloon. Keep in mind that the shape of the balloon determines the shape of the pinata. Therefore, if the balloon is round, your pinata will be round and you may want to choose a design such as a jack-o-lantern or snowman's head. If the balloon is oblong, you may want to use it for an animal body.

Step 2: Tear up strips of newspaper. Children love to help with this step. The strips should be about 2 inches wide and about the width of the newspaper, for easier handling. These do not have to be perfect. Have fun with it.

Step 3: Make a paste with flour and water. The consistency should be similiar to pancake batter.

Step 4: Dip the newspapers into the bowl of paste and place them on the inflated balloon. Continue until the entire balloon is covered except where the balloon is tied. Cover the balloon with two layers of newspaper strips. In this way, the pinata will be sturdy enough to hold the goodies inside. Do not cover up the top of the balloon where it is tied. This will be your opening to put your goodies in when the pinata has dried.

Step 5: Allow the pinata to dry completely. This could take anywhere from 3 days to an entire week depending on how thick your pinata is.

Step 6: Once the pinata is completely dry, take a straight pin and bust the balloon inside. Now you should have a hollowed papier mache figure to fill and decorate.

Step 7: Decorate with colored tissue paper and glue in whatever design you wish.

Step 8: Fill with candy, small toys, stocking stuffers, or anything you wish as long as it is non-breakable.

Step 9: After filling, cover the top with tissue paper to hide the hole.

Hang the pinata by a rope in such a manner that it can be lowered and raised. Participants are blindfolded, spun around several times to lose their orientation, and then given a stick and requested to hit the pinata. The onlookers cheer and when the pinata is finally split open, the candy spills out and all rush to gather the goodies.