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The basic rules for using jumper cables are:

Always have a set of jumper cables with you.
Know and learn how to use them. This is important, since you will be doing this yourself. Take reasonable precautions, be safe and watch your surroundings.

You cannot be electrocuted by a battery. You can, however, cause battery to explode by making incorrect connections. It's a good idea to wear safety glasses when jump-starting a car.

Here's what you do:

Position cars so batteries are as close together as possible, but not touching them. Turn off power in both; put them in park and set brakes.

The positive posts of each battery are marked "POS" or "+." The negative posts are marked "NEG" or "-." Connect clamps of red cable to the positive posts of each battery, making sure to never touch the metal clamps of the red and black cable together (remember: red to red, black to black.)

On the car with the good battery, connect the metal clamp of the black to the negative post. Connect the other end of the black cable to bare metal on the frame of the "dead" car-this is a grounding connectin. Keep cable clear of the fan and fan belt.

Be sure ignition is off in the car with the dead battery. Start the car with good battery and rev the engine gently to be sure the battery is charged.

Now start the "dead" car. When both engines are running, undo the cables in reverse order: First the black ground connection, then the other end of the black cable and, lastly, the two red cables.

Do not shut off the engine with the dead battery until you get help or have reached your destination.

Do not smoke while working around batteries. They sometimes release highly explosive hydrogen gas.