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If the idea of government bonds make you yawn, and retirement plans only make you think of getting older, you may consider adding a little life to your portfolio by learning to invest more aggressively. Oftentimes
investors are turned off by the “make or break” stigma that’s attached to aggressive-growth investing. So here are a few things to keep in mind that may make investing your money a less-hazardous experience.

· Don’t invest in companies who are relatively new and in the speculative stage of growth. It’s near impossible to predict an up-and-coming company when the business has yet to get all of their pieces in place.
· Do look for up-and-coming companies with more internal stability. Wait for a company to emerge with their sales force and information systems already intact. These are the companies that have their roots in place and are better poised for growth.
· Concentrate on a company’s earnings growth. A company’s earnings growth should be no less than 15% per year if you’re consider investing in it. If a company’s earnings are up yearly, then its stock price will follow. A strong earnings growth is a characteristic of a company who will be consistently building for future earnings.
· Keep your eyes open for companies that target larger markets, or markets that are expanding rapidly. Dominant companies in smaller markets tend to peak prematurely, and enjoy smaller growth rates.
· Look for companies that target big ideas. But also examine whether or not they are capable of reaching their goals. A company’s growth strategies, and competitive positioning may aid or impeded future earnings.
· Lastly, don’t gamble. Investing aggressively doesn’t mean you have to make riskier investments. Investors should still value consistency and stability as much as they would when purchasing less aggressive stocks.