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There are many ways to participate in an interview, however, only few will lead you to your goal of achieving your desired job position. No matter what kind of position you are applying for, the key is to know what the position is asking of you, what your interviewer wants from you, and how to satisfy both. The night before your interview, prepare yourself by having some answers ready mentally to possible questions the interviewer may ask you. The key to success in this case is to earn the interviewer’s respect and assurance that you are well qualified for the position.

The first things anyone must know are the basics that we sometimes tend to forget. Probably one of the most important things to remember is to dress appropriately. The interviewer’s first impression of you will rely heavily on your appearance no matter how much you wish to deny it. For instance, if you are applying for a retail store position, wear clothing consistent with the style of their clothes, or perhaps it may be even more to your advantage to wear an article or two from their store. On the other hand, if you are applying for an office position, make sure to dress conservatively and professionally. However, in both cases, make sure you don’t go overboard because you do not want the interviewer to think you are trying to suck up. Once you get there the next things you may want to consider are keeping your head up, acting confident, and smiling occasionally!

To continue a successful interview you must be able to surpass the introduction by knowing the little details that will make you look great and impress your interviewer. Most people know that giving a firm handshake is important, but it is also important to look the person in the eye as well. There is no need to make them feel that you have low self-esteem or anything to hide. During the rest of your interview, you are going to want your interviewer to feel confident that you deserve the position. Show your knowledge, intelligence, and confidence by speaking clearly and occasionally adding your own comments and suggestions to possible ideas that the interviewer may give.

Also, there are some additional tips you should remember such as answering his/her questions directly by getting straight to the point. Avoid the phrase “I don’t know.” The interviewer should not become aware of a lack of knowledge on your part. And in case you truly don’t know the answer to one of his/her questions, try to give an answer that will not make you look bad if it is incorrect, or use another phrase. Also, throughout the interview you’re going to want maintain good eye contact. Try focusing on one eye instead of two because it makes it easier to concentrate. In addition, your eyes will not be darting back and forth while trying to focus.

The last step to successfully completing your interview is to leave with dignity and respect. Make sure to thank your interviewer and try to throw in a casual comment on how you look forward to seeing them soon. And by following these steps you should be a success!