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There are many different ways to insulate windows to reduce heat loss during the winter months and cool air during the summer. Insulating your windows helps lower your utility bills and helps you keep the inside of your home at an even temperature without any hot or cold spots caused by energy leakage.

Vinyl sheeting that is transparent can be used to seal the inside of a window frame. Attach the sheeting with a clear polyethylene tape. This type of sheeting provides good insulation and light transmission at a very low cost. The sheets can be installed and removed during the seasons you might choose to have your windows open. The only draw back with this type of insulation is that the sheets will need to be replaced from time to time and the labor involved can get to be a chore. When you are buying the polyethylene sheeting remember that although the film type of sheeting is cheaper since it is sold by the square foot or in storm window kits, it is also less effective than the vinyl sheeting and will last only one season.

Another great idea to insulate your windows are pop in shutters. These are made of foam insulation board that is over laid with fire proofed fiberboard. This type of shutter is inexpensive and easy to make. If you plan to make your own be sure to cut them to fit tightly inside a window frame. This type of shutter insulates better than plastic and since you can cover them with fabric they are more attractive. In fact, using black or dark fabric during the winter on the outside of these shutters will attract the suns heat to the window. In the summer use white or light colored fabric to repel the heat from the sun. In some cases slip on covers are used on foam shutters and some can be made to give your windows a more decorative appearance during holidays such as Christmas. The only problem you may have with these shutters is finding a place to store them during the day. This can be remedied by adding hinges to the shutters so they will fold back against the wall.

Another good way to insulate window are with insulated roll up shades. These are available ready made or in kits and can be expensive. The running in tracks mount on the window frame and the shades are almost as effective as foam panels. Since the important part of window insulation is preventing hot or cool air loss shades or shutters should be closed each day before sunset. On extremely cold mornings it is wise to remove the insulation from your windows before turning your heat on or up. This will help avoid cracking the window panes by allowing them to warm slowly. Check around each of your window panes to be sure there is no chipped or broken caulking. See if any of the panes are loose or need to be reset and make repairs where they are needed.