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Memory has 2 major categories - the knowledge of motor skills and the knowledge of facts and events. There is also short-term and long-term memory. To improve your memory, it means to convert short-term memory to long-term memory. This is done biologically by the formation of new proteins. The brain's neurons also grow new synaptic connections. The technique of repetition is used to convert short to long term memory.

Some people use the technique of photographic memory to improve their memory. This is the ability to access information from memory instantaneously. Previous information is stored in the brain in an as-is format. This means that each page or any material that has been seen can be recalled in the person's mind. He will see that as if it were a photograph. Hence, the term photographic memory. People are not born with this ability but can develop this technique using guided training.

Children are more sensitive to picking up photographic memory. This is done by presenting information quickly to a child. This process exercises the right brain. When this method of feeding information is done over a period of time, this stimulates the right brain to activate photographic memory. There are many infant, toddler and preschool reading and math programs which use this method of activating photographic memory to teach the young tots.

For adults, it is possible to train yourself to attain photographic memory. Other methods include stimulating your brain's neural circuits to grow by maximum use of your memory. This is done by learning new skills from any area that are entirely opposite to what you've been exposed to so far.

You can improve your memory by concentrating on remembering only the most important data. Selective remembering is effective as it filters out unnecessary information which clogs your brain.

Mnemonic associations helps you to remember. Invent your own colorful memory triggers to help you recall information.

Other factors that improve memory involve lifestyle modifications. Vitamins B1, B9 and B12 enhance memory. Water and sleep also help to improve memory. Smoking and alcohol harm the brain and impair memory.

Keeping in good health is essential for keeping a good memory for recall. Illnesses, head injuries, infections, degenerative disorders and brain tumors are harmful to the brain and thus impairs memory. Good health, coupled with memory improving techniques will boost your memory to go a long way.