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Are you looking for a new look or a way to manage your hair without having to spend lots of time and money styling it? The simple solution is the French braid. The French braid is appropriate for the everyday look, exercise, and formal events. It looks good on people of all ages and is easy to create on yourself in just about ten minutes.

You can start with wet hair, damp hair, or dry hair. Just make sure your hair is knot free to make it easier on yourself and ensure it looking good. For the standard braid, start by combing your hair backwards as if you are about to put it into a ponytail. Then take a clump at the top of your head as high up as you would like the braid to start. Split the clump into three sections and begin to braid your hair as you normally would. The only difference for a French braid is that you add hair outside the clump to the three strands inside the clump. For example, before you begin to braid the left strand over the middle strand, add a clump of hair from the upper left side to the left strand.

You will continue to do this on both sides, the braid will continue to go down your head, and the three strands will get larger. It is best to do this in the mirror so you can make sure you do not form any bumps around your face as you continue.

Depending on how long your hair is, you may be finished once you run out of clumps to add to the strands. If your hair is longer, continue to braid your hair until you reach the end. You can simply tie it with a band or a scrunchie.

To dress it up you can add hair jewerly and intertwine it through the braids for a simple but elegant look. Also, the smaller the clumps are that you add to the braid, the more tight and elegant the braid looks.

Other ways to French braid you hair are to part your hair in the middle and create pigtail French braids. Or you can create a French braid down to your neck, and then tie it with a band and let the rest of your hair loose. You can even create your own French braid style.

Just remember practice makes perfect. It will take a few attempts to get it down.