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Have you got a job interview lined up but aren't exactly sure how you need to dress to make the right impression? Here are a few pointers to help you present the best "you" possible.

1. Wear something clean, pressed, comfortable and neat. If you are comfortable in what you are wearing, you will feel more confident. Be sure to choose shoes that not only look nice, but fit well, to go with your outfit.

2. Dress according to the job you are interviewing for. If it's an office job, you don't want to show up at the interview in blue jeans and a tee shirt. A button down shirt and nice slacks will do if you are a man, and a dress or skirt suit would be a good choice for a woman. You may want to check out the company's dress code before the interview -- if the style of dress is more formal, such as suits and ties, checking ahead of time will keep you from showing up in something entirely wrong for the job.

3. Don't overdo the jewelry. A few simple pieces will look much more professional than several large chunky, gaudy items.

4. Now is not the time to wear that bright, bold print. Select more subdued colors and prints for the interview. Dark blues, solids, or blacks are always good choices. Try to present as professional an image as possible.

5. Make sure your hair is clean and well groomed. Your fingernails should be neatly filed and clean, and if you wear makeup, take care that it is not smudged or overdone.

6. Check your shoes. Do they need to be polished? Are they run down at the heel or have cracked soles? You should wear the nicest dress shoes you have, unless the job will require tennis or casual shoes. Even then, your shoes should be as clean and neat looking as possible.

7. If the job is a more informal one, then it is acceptable to wear casual clothing. Just make sure everything you select is clean and fits well. Don't wear anything that is too tight or revealing, or that is torn, wrinkled or stained. Be sure to tuck in your shirt tail.

Dressing nicely won't guarantee that you will get the job, but it will be a good start. If you look attractive and well groomed, you will feel more confident and that will make a good impression on the interviewer. Good luck!