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What is intuition?

Intuition is an instinctive, often nonrational, feeling or hunch about something. Some people refer to these feelings as "gut feelings" or "sixth sense."

Is everyone capable of intuitive abilities?

Yes! All people are endowed with natural psychic abilities. However, most of us have tuned out the psychic gifts that are our birthright. With a little practice and patience, anyone can develop their intuition to a higher level.

How can intuition benefit me?

You will find yourself better able to make appropriate and clear decisions. You will sweep away negativity and find greater clarity and purpose. You will understand how to deal effectively with other people.

What are some ways that I can develop my intuition?

1. Be open to and expect to hear your inner voice of wisdom. You must first believe that you are naturally psychic. Being in a receptive state primes the consciousness to receive guidance.

2. Take time to meditate and listen to the voice of your soul. Simply sit quietly, undisturbed, for at least fifteen minutes every day. Allow your mind to become still, and release the cares of the day. Concentrate on your breathing, keeping it slow and even. During this time you are shutting out the outside world and connecting your awareness to your Higher Self. If a thought or concern enters your mind, acknowledge it briefly and gently set it aside. Don't force your mind. Your soul will give you guidance when your mind chatter is quiet. Reducing and eliminating this chatter may seem very difficult at first, but will get easier over time.

3. Play guessing games. During the normal course of the day, look for opportunities to exercise your intuition. Every time you say "I wonder" you turn on the intuitive flow. Ask yourself neutral questions, such as, "I wonder which elevator door will open first?" or "I wonder who's on the phone?" Flip a coin and wonder whether it will land heads or tails. Work from curiosity, not control. Allow yourself to be wrong, but when you do have a psychic hit, celebrate by giving yourself alot of appreciation.

4. Keep a journal. Write down every psychic impulse, or hunch. Acknowledge every choice you make trusting your intuition. Notice and record unusual or coincidental incidents. You do not need to write long explanations; a simple word or two of acknowledgment will suffice. Periodically review all the wonderful entries. Not only will this reaffirm and increase your self-confidence, but more importantly serve as proof that your intuition is alive and well, improving every day.

5. Take good care of your body. In order for you to function well intuitively, your body must be functionally well physically. If your body is exhausted, dehydrated, poorly fed, under-exercised and extremely stressed, your awareness will be greatly diminished.

6. Enlist the support of someone you trust. Sharing your journey of psychic self-discovery with a trusted friend will help keep you motivated. Avoid sharing your psychic development with those whom might sneer or criticize. Be very choosy with whom you share your aspirations and experiences!

If you follow these simple guidelines and suggestions on a daily basis, you will soon be amazing yourself, and others, with your incredibly accurate intuition. You will listen to your inner voice and tap into real personal power. You will develop confidence and experience flow, synchronicity, wonder and abundance. You will leave the ordinary life and begin an extraordinary one. Enjoy the journey!