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Cutting their own bangs is a task many women look upon with trepidation. And for good reason. The last thing any of us wants it to have to show up for work one day sporting a who-let-the-toddler-touch-the-scissors hairdo.

For the informed self-stylist, however, cutting your own bangs is something to be approached with caution, but not fear. Keep in mind the number one rule of all cutting: you can always take more off, butyou can't put it back.

Follow the steps below for a simple and successful bang trim.

1. While your hair is DRY (don't even think about trimming wet bangs) and styled as you normally wear it, slide two fingers down half the length of your bangs to pull all the hair to the center of your forehead.

2. Continue sliding your fingers down your bangs until about 1/4 of an inch of hair is visible below your fingers.

3. Take your (sharp) scissors and cut off about quarter of the visible hair (so that you're removing about 1/16th of an inch). Remember, it's better to cut too little than too much!

4. Return your bangs to their normal style and determine if more hair needs to be removed. If it does, repeat Steps 1-3.

5. When the length is where you want it and your bangs are in their normal style, check carefully for any stray hairs you may have missed. Trim these to the newly approved length.

6. As a final (optional) step, you can make the line of your bangs less harsh by holding your scissors vertically and diagonally cutting the tips of the hair off a few (SMALL) sets of strands, every 1/4 inch or so across your forehead.