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Sparkling clean jewelry gives a lustrous look.

Before ornaments absorb dirt, clean them thoroughly. Rings, ear rings, bangles, brooches, bracelets and necklace should be cleaned frequently, say, once in every two months. The natural oil secreted by the skin, cosmetics, atmospheric dust and dirt are absorbed in the ornaments. When the ornaments become fully dirty you may give them to the professional cleaners of a reputed shop for cleaning.

Gold ornaments can be cleaned with warm water and mild soap. Soak them in warm soap water for sometime. Never rub them with a rough cloth or abrasives.

Pearls should never be soaked in soap water. If the pearl ornaments are not used regularly the pearls might turn yellow in colour. Then start wearing them always. The warmth of the human body gives a milky glow to original pearls.

Stones like opals and turquoises should not be washed. All other jewelry gives good look after cleaning. If you want to get quick shine for jewelry dip them in alcohol. It reacts quickly with the dust and dirt and they can be removed from the ornaments easily through this way.

Almost all powder detergents are useful for cleaning stones and metal ornaments. If you are using hard water add a few drops of ammonia. Soak the jewelry for few minutes and then brush it with a soft bristled brush. After cleaning thoroughly, dip them in hot water and dry them with a soft linen towel.

Washing jewelry in hot water first and then putting it into cold water is not at all safe.

Precious metals like gold and white gold do not require usual cleaning like stones. It is enough to polish them with soft cotton.

We can store the ornaments in a box., which must be cleaned by brushing all corners. We can protect them with eau de cologne. Wrapping in velvet or silk and keeping in a drawer is quite safe.

If you give proper attention and clean frequently ornaments will sparkle adding to beauty for women.