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If you ever get a flat tire on the road then you should be able to change your own tire. Acura cars make it easy to change a tire. It will not take more than fifteen minutes to change your next flat tire. If you do change your tire make sure to ride on the spare at a slow speed and for a limited number of miles. The spare tires found in Acura cars are smaller and less durable than an average tire.
The first step to changing a tire is to turn off the car. After the car is off you can begin fixing your flat tire. It is important to turn the car off because you do not want the engine running while lifting, and unscrewing parts of your car.

The bolts must be loosened and removed from the wheel. There will be a tool to remove each one of the five bolts. Some of the bolts may be really tough to loosen, but you will eventually be able to remove them.
The next step is to raise the car using the jack from the trunk. The jack is placed under the middle section of the car and the car must be raised high enough to pull the flat tire out and away off the car.

The next step is to remove the flat tire and slip the spare on to the wheel.

Now that you have switched the tires you must lower the car and remove the jack. Since the car is completely on the ground, it can now be successfully bolted.

Once the spare is on you can begin to tighten the bolts back on to the wheel. In order to do this you should use the same tool that you used to loosen the bolt in the early steps.

The car is now ready to be driven. The car should not exceed 35 m.p.h because the spare cannot handle fast speeds.
This is a great skill to know, and learn for the future. Acuras are similar to many cars on the road. So if you have a friend in despair you will probably be able to help him or her in a time of need.