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First, you need to gather the needed supplies.

You will need four to five quarts of oil. If you have no idea what type your vehicle takes, look in the owners manual. Or, call a dealership. (You can call a mechanic if you prefer, but this guide is a NO-MECHANIC guide, showing you how-to by yourself!)

You will also need a new oil filter. This is way too easy. Go to Walmart, or the nearest auto parts store. The aisle with the oil filters will have this handy little gadget. You simply type in the make, model and year of your vehicle and it pops up with a wonderful little number for the part you need! You don't even have to ask a salesperson for assistance!

Buy a large pan to drain the oil in. (Auto parts stores sell pans specifically for this, but most any large container you have lying around will work.)

You will need to buy or borrow an oil filter wrench. This handy gadget is the only thing that will take your oil filter off.

Some people use ramps to drive your vehicle up on to make it a little more easy to manuaver beneath. This is optional.

Now you're ready to begin.

#1 Take bolt out of oil pan and allow oil to drain. (Before removing the bolt, do put the container on the ground beneath the oil pan!) A good word of advice: once that bolt is out, move quickly to avoid becoming coated in dirty oil.

#2 Using oil filter wrench, remove old oil filter.

#3 Once oil pan is completely drained, return the bolt to its proper place in the oil pan.

#4 Now, put new oil filter in place.

#5 Pour in 4-5 quarts of oil. If in doubt always remember that too much oil is worse than not enough. (It sounds crazy but my dad is a mechanic and he tells me to live by this!)

If you're having trouble locating any of the parts you are to work on, get a detailed diagram from your local library or auto dealer. If worst comes to worse, invite a buddy over who has experience in this area until you catch on. Before too long you'll be changing your own oil and thinking nothing of it!