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You can make a sweet smelling, plant perfume for your own use, or to give as gifts. It’s easy and fun to do. But it requires patience!

Materials You Will Need:

Some grain alcohol.

Good smelling dried flowers or leaves. (Some of these might include dried rose petals, lavender leaves or flowers, mint leaves, or any other flower or herb that is fragrant.)

Small, pretty glass bottles with tight-fitting caps or tops. (Available in craft-supply shops.)

Pretty, home-made tags,


What You’ll Do:

Chop or cut up the plant material you have chosen into tiny pieces.
Put the chopped pieces into the bottle you have chosen for this project.
Pour in the grain alcohol. Be sure to fill the bottle up to the top, so there is very little air left in it.
Cap the bottle.
Let it sit for 2 weeks at room temperature.
Uncap it and strain your perfume to remove all plant pieces.
Smell the perfume. If it does smell like the plant you used, it’s ready to age for another week. Just recap the bottle and let it sit some more. Then it’s ready to make you smell good!

If it doesn’t have a strong enough smell when you first open the bottle, add some more chopped plants and let the perfume sit for another two weeks. Strain again, put back into bottle, recap, and let it sit. Be patient.

Next, make some pretty labels by cutting out a piece of paper and writing the name of the perfume on it. Like, if it is made from rose petals, write “Rose Cologne.” Punch a hole in the corner of your label, thread a thin ribbon or string through the hole, and tie it to the bottle.

That’s all it takes to make your own plant perfume. And if you make extra batches, they make nice gifts.