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The earliest and most well known method of mining gold is panning. In this way,the seearcher puts sand or gravel particles which contains gold into circular containers which has a pouch-like part in the middle.

Years passed and more efficient ways of mining were developed. Hydraulic mining was then used. In this process,a powerful force of water was being directed into gold-containing sand or gravel. The substance wears off and the gold paricles pass through special drains while the unuseful lighter ones float to the surface. Another form of mining called elevator dredging is useful in river elevator dredge consists of a boat with a flat bottom in which various buckets are attached to it. The buckets scoop the gold-bearing particles on the bottom of the river and then put it into a trommel. This is a form of container which uses a screen for draining the sand while water is being mixed to it. The ones containing gold particles fall under the holes in the drain and are further refined onto shaking tables.

Gold can be refined from crushed gold-containing rocks by mixing the material with mercury or cyanide solutions.The recovered gold is melted into a mass of metal cast in a shape called ingots. The other gold-bearing rock containing very little proportion of gold can still be used as a profit.