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There are many products on the market designed specifically for cleaning glass, but did you know that you probably have something in your medicine cabinet that will do the job just as well? It's much cheaper than the speciality cleaners, and wipes up with virtually no streaks. It's plain old rubbing alcohol.

Alcohol can be used to clean mirrors, glass table tops, windows, computer monitors, and any other glass item commonly found in the home. Make sure you aren't using the alcohols that have additives, such as wintergreen oil. While this provides a pleasant scent, it also contains an oil that can be difficult to wipe off.

If you have a large flat surface to clean such as a glass table top, simply pour a small amount of rubbing alcohol directly onto the surface. Take a clean, lint free cloth, dip it into the alcohol and wipe the area clean. (Clean, old tee shirts make wonderful cleaning cloths.) Go over the entire surface with a dry cloth to remove any streaks or damp spots. The glass will sparkle!

If you'd like to wipe down windows or mirrors, you can funnel the alcohol into a clean spray bottle and mist the surfaces of the glass. These handy bottles are available at any drug or department store. Using your lint free cloth, wipe the glass clean. You will find that the alcohol dries quickly, leaves few streaks, and gets the glass surfaces squeaky clean. It will also quickly cut through that dried-on toothpaste stuck to the bathroom mirror.

You can even clean your car windows with rubbing alcohol. Simply dampen a cloth with alcohol, or use your spray bottle to mist the surfaces, and wipe the windows carefully. Go over them with a dry cloth to remove any residue. The alcohol will cut through the grime in a snap.

Now that you know that you have a powerful glass cleaner sitting in the medicine chest, you may never buy commercial glass cleaner again!