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Keeping yourself well organized can be a very difficult task with all the clutter we have in our homes or offices. However, without organization, we may forget about important meetings, misplace important papers, and basically send our own world topsy-turvy. Luckily, there are many methods to keeping everything you own organized, allowing yourself more room to breathe and more comfort knowing that you are on top of everything.

Many still prefer to go ahead and organize everything they own alphabetically, and though this may work, categorizing seems to be a much more efficient method. By categorizing your belongings, you can then further organize them by alphabetizing within the specific category. For instance, let's say you were to organize your personal belongings all pertaining to music, such as CD's, tapes, and records. You should put your CD's in one category, your tapes in another and your records in the last. And then, within those categories, you could further categorize them by types of music, or simply alphabetize them by the artist of title. The idea is to find a common bond between all of the objects in one category. This common bond should also be one of the first things that comes to your mind when you think of the category or object, and of course, something easy to remember. This method of organization can also work for important papers, toys, and clothes as long as you are able to find the common bond and give each category an appropriate title which will help you easily decipher the category in which the object you are looking for is stored.

Another important key to keeping yourself organized is to have proper storage for your objects. Simply categorizing and alphabetizing everything will do you no good if everything is piled on top of each other or scattered here and there. The best thing to do is buy bins, folders, and cases for storage. Clearly label the outside of the storage containers with the name of the category of the object. You might want to even try storing similar groups of objects in similar bins or folders perhaps of the same color. Also, keep similar groups near each other to enable you to find you object of desire much easier.

The last step in organizing your life is to familiarize yourself with your new method of organization and get used to painting everything back in its correct place once you are done. If you let everything you use lie around after you're done with them, you will have a huge mess before you know it. Take a day to go over all your categories and make sure you still fully understand everything and make some minor adjustments if you need to, but otherwise just take the time to get to know where everything is stored.

Now that you've got your belongings organized, you are back on track to having your life fully in order. Just make sure to get in and stay in the habit of being organized. Now you can sit back and finally breathe.