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The simplest way to learn a foreign language is to live in the culture and be immersed in the sounds, phrases, and idioms. The average adult can become fluent in a language in less than a year under such circumstances. Unfortunately, the majority of us can’t drop our lives to go on a cultural study in a foreign country. Most educational classes, which are presented to teach a language, do not suffice. Although the basics are typically covered, all you will able to say is “where is the toilet” and “hello, I am wearing a green sweater.”

If you are intent on becoming fluent in another language without leaving the comfort of your own home, rest assured, it is possible! The first thing that you must master is the alphabet. In order to do this painlessly, purchase a child’s educational video for children of the foreign country. Make sure you can mimic all of the sounds said on the video, follow their mouth movements, accentuate the sounds as they do.

Once the alphabet is mastered, it will be easier to phonetically sound out the words, which will come next. Now, follow the educational process up to the next age level. This time work on sounding out the words, it does not matter if you are unaware of their meanings. The most difficult thing in a language is not the vocabulary but the accent and smoothness.

Once you feel that you have a firm handle on the different sounds, purchase a French-English dictionary and go through the book attempting to sound out and say as many words as possible. Create vocabulary cards, master the words. Don’t even attempt to understand conjugations, for it is useless for the time being.

After you understand a good percentage of basic words purchase your favorite DVD (if possible) and in the main menu choose French as the language. If you feel so inclined you can even have English subtitles. Watch the movie, try to understand it, feel it. Repeat. After this step is mastered you can buy a conjugation book and start learning and saying the verbs.

If all of the above steps are followed to the letter, you will be fluent, and will have a decent French accent. If possible go to France to test your newfound skills. However, if you are nervous you will not be able to speak very well. So stay calm, and remember, practice makes perfect.