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Giving a foot massage and be one of the most relaxing experiences a person ever feels. There are parts of your foot that are said to be linked to just about every other part of a person's body in one way or another. A person's foot has so many creases and crevices that the best foot massages work the muscles in the entire foot on an extensive basis. Feet may be the most important body part for people to have massaged. It's such a relaxing experience that, if done correctly, relaxes every body part.

Warm the foot. Get the circulation moving in the foot. Work every part of the foot with the palms of your hands. Perhaps try rubbing some lotion or massage oil on the foot to make it easier to rub.
Start with the toes. First hold the big toe and massage it thoroughly. Work the muscles in the toe with your fingers, then work it with the palm of your hand. Maybe even use your knuckle to find every point in the toe. Push your finger or knuckle in and out of the pressure points in the toe. Do the same thing with each toe.
Work your way down to work every pressure point on the foot. Work all the way down to the heel.
Rub every sensitive area on the foot. This is the most stimulating for the person. Rub and push in on the sensitive areas.
Gently work out every hard spot on the foot. If you find a hard spot on the foot, that means there are calcium deposits under the skin. You should try to work the calcium deposits gently in order to try to dissolve them. Calcium deposits mean that that particular area of the foot is overly stressed and the muscle is tighter than it should be. Rubbing the deposit gently with your thumb or knuckle in a circular motion is the best way to work it out.