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If you are like most people, you are probably hard on furniture. No matter how high quality your chairs are, they could weaken or break over time. Scooting toward and away from the table is a natural way to weaken or even brake the legs of a chair. They are not difficult to repair, you just need a chisel, a knife, some glue, sandpaper, a hammer or mallet, some clamps, and a little time.

To repair the broken leg, you will need to remove it from the chair. Then take the ends that broke and sand them down. Drill holes in each end, long enough to fit a dowel. Most chair legs, are fairly small, so a 3/8 inch dowel should work. Make sure it's at least 3 inches long.

Then, take the dowel and apply a thin layer of glue. You will take the dowel and place it into the holes you drilled. You want to make sure the dowel goes evenly into both sides, so the chair leg will be strong. You also want to make sure the dowel goes in as far as possible, so this chair leg is the same length as the others.

Once you put the dowel in, you can put the new leg, back on the chair with the rest. To ensure the leg dries well, clamp the legs in place. You can do this easily with some large rubberbands, or if you have bar clamps, you can use them as well. The goal is to keep the legs in place so the glue can dry.

It's best to leave the chair overnight. Then, remove the clamps or rubberbands. Now, it is time to test out your repaired chair leg. It should be as good as new.