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Fear of flying? Are you affected? If so, you are in good company. Estimates indicate that 1 in 6 of the adult population in the United States is afraid of flying. For some of these people this fear can lead to panic reactions. Such a reaction can be a real obstacle to the lives of these people. What can be done to help?
Getting the facts can be a great aid to comforting one's fears. In contrast to more common modes of transport, travelling by air is extremely safe. For example, in an average year, about half a million people die as a result of automobile accidents. Yet, the average number of deaths from airline accidents is only about 1,500. A plane, then, is far safer than a car. Why is this? Firstly, the skies are far less busy than the freeways. Also, airline crews are highly trained professionals. For them, safety is the prime concern. The flight deck of a plane, for instance, contains duplicates of all of the primary instruments and controls – one for the captain and the other for the co-pilot. This allows each pilot to monitor the other’s progress, and for the one to take over if the other runs into trouble.
Another safety precaution is that the captain and co-pilot usually eat different meals. This is to ensure that in the unlikely event that the meal is poisoned, only one of them would be affected. Planes also have two or more hydraulic systems in case one of them should fail.
If you are nervous about air travel, you should read books on flying, planes and pilot training. You will discover that the standards imposed on pilots are far higher than any imposed on professional drivers.
It is also beneficial to visit an airport. Notice how commonplace air travel is for most people. They have no valid reasons for being afraid. Watch planes taking off and landing.
When you do take your flight, let the flight attendant know that you are feeling a little nervous. He or she will help you to relax. When the captain says it is ok to walk about the plane, you will find it beneficial to get up and take a walk around the cabin. Then you’ll see that travelling in an aeroplane is just as easy as taking a stroll down your street.