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Every day, families seek out ways to spend quality time together. Many think they have to spend money to have a good time but that simply isn't true. There may be many family trips taken each year but what do families do when they are at home?

With a few supplies that most households already have in stock, families can learn to journal together.

Supplies needed:

Construction paper
Lined paper
Safety scissors (for trimming photos)
Photo album pages
Family photos
Binder to keep pages in

Once supplies are gathered, the family can decide what they want to write about. Many will first think of recent family trips. With photos that were taken on the trip, everyone can take turns writing about what they remember about the day. Photos can be placed with each person's journal entry. Cut-outs can be made with construction paper by those who are too young to write.

The best time to journal together about family outings is usually the same day of or the very next day after since children's minds are still churning with the excitement of the event. The whole family can meet after dinner and work on the journal regularly or on a set day each week.

Journal writing time shouldn't be limited to just recording family trips. Any day is perfect for remembering. The journal can always be made accessible to the whole family so that they can look through it at any time and use it as their own memoirs.

Just as baby books are great for reading once children grow up, a family journal will always evoke fond memories of the times in the past as well as the time spent putting it all together. It will always be a cherished family heirloom.