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Nowadays when there is so much emphasis on the dangers of too much exposure to the sun, both in terms of skin cancer and premature aging, there is no excuse for anyone not to heed the health warnings.

However, this does not mean that you have to spend the entire summer with limbs like uncooked sausages. There are many excellent fake tanning lotions, creams and sprays on the market, which mean that you can have a tan all year ‘round without ending up with skin like a prune and safe in the knowledge that you are not predisposing yourself towards a malignant melanoma*.

Don’t Fake Tanning Lotions Look Streaky?
Gone are the days when using a fake tan meant looking as though you’d doused yourself in orange paint and then sprayed yourself with water to achieve the streaky or blotchy effect.

The tanning lotions on the market today have vastly improved over the years and with proper preparation and application, you can achieve anything from a natural sun-kissed look to a deep Mediterranean tan.

How To Achieve A Natural Looking Tan

· Bathe and exfoliate thoroughly with a body brush, slough mitt or granular body scrub

· Dry yourself well and moisturise, paying particular attention to dry areas such as the ankles and elbows, since the tan will ‘take’ better in these areas and you want to avoid ending up with dark patches

· Apply a thin layer of fake tanning cream or lotion all over – or only on specific areas such as the legs if you wish. You may also mix the tanning lotion with moisturiser if you wish to go for the paler, sunkissed look

· Wash your hands thoroughly to avoid the palms tanning, then wipe the backs of your hands across your arms or legs so that they tan also

· Wait for the cream to absorb into your skin and then take a damp flannel and wipe across areas where the skin is dryer, such as the ankles, knees and elbows to avoid dark patches

· If, after a few hours, you do develop darker patches, you can gently exfoliate the skin in these areas to make the tan paler to match the rest of your skin

· If you wish to achieve a deeper tan, you may reapply the lotion after the first application has developed. This usually takes a few hours

· The tan will fade naturally as you shed the upper layer of skin cells. After a few days, therefore, you may need to apply some more lotion following the same steps as above

*Malignant Melanoma: the most serious form of skin cancer due to abnormal growth and spread of melanocytes in the skin. It constitutes 1% of all cancers, although it is becoming increasingly more common and is the seventh most common cancer in the USA

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