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Faith can help a patient heal. Faith means belief that God is helping in the struggle in life. This gives the patient a psychological boost. Faith brings along prayer and meditation. Both reduce stress. Stress hormones like noradrenaline and adrenaline are reduced and hence stress-related illnesses are also reduced. Hypertension, infertility,insomnia and heart disease can all benefit from "faith medication".

Having faith invokes prayer. If the person prays repetitively, it has the effects of slowing the breathing and heart beat. The accumulative effect of this is to lower the blood pressure. Prayer also gives emotional consolation.Having good feelings causes the brain to release good hormones which boost the immune system. Thus, religious faith has a good cascading effect of speeding recovery from illness.

Faith reduces stress and the disease-causing agent interleukin-6. Stress gives rise to diseases like heart disease, cancer,diabetes and chronic infections.Having less stress means having less disease-causing agents in the body.Faith puts everything in the hands of a higher power and the burden of stress is lifted from the believer's shoulders.

Doctors were initially skeptical of the role of faith in healing.Recently, researchers have compiled findings with statistics to show the connection between faith and recovery rates.Believers healed better and faster than non-believers of religion.

Faith isn't a miracle drug. Faith can't guarantee miraculous recoveries all the time. Medical science is still needed to combat diseases.On the patient's part, faith creates for him a sense of well-being which aids his recovery. If he were upset with his illness, the stress levels would damage further his weakened immune system and hamper recovery.

Faith is instrumental in preserving good mental health. This in turn boosts the patient's will-power to recover. His conscious effort to become better speeds his road to healing.