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Patching fabric is used when a piece of cloth within a garment is missing, or repairing the seam would distort the shape of the garment. It is the same principle and steps whether you are working with cloth, leather, vinyl or canvas. Here is how to patch fabric, to repair it back as closely to its original form as possible.

1. Select fabric
First, you need to try and find a piece of fabric similar to the damaged area. If you cannot find something at a fabric store, you might try using part of the garment itself. You might be able to find a small section from
the garments hem or facing. If not, try to find a fabric that matches closely.

2. Cut fabric
Secondly, you want to take the fabric and line it up behind the hole or damaged area. Make sure if you are working with patterned material, something with a stripe or check, that the fabric is aligned behind the hole. Then, cut a small square of the new material. Make sure it encloses the damaged area on all sides by at least 3 inches.

3. Attach fabric
Now it is time to attach the fabric to the back side of the garment. Make sure you are working with the inside. It is best to sew the fabric in. But, that might not be possible. If the fabric is very thin, your stitches will be seen on the outside of the garment. If you cannot sew it on, you can use glue, or an iron on. But, remember, laundering will eventually wear down either adhesive. So, you might be repeating this process in several months.

4. Let dry
If you use the glue or iron on method, you will want the garment to sit and dry awhile. Then, turn it over and look at your work. Whether you ironed on the fabric, sewed it or glued it, you should barely be able to tell you patched the area. While you can probably pick it out. Someone who is not familiar with your damaged garment will not be able to tell the new spot from the old.