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You’ve heard the reports about global warming. You’ve read about endangered species. Follow these tips below, and you can help save the environment that we cherish.
1. Lighting Tips
If you’re going to be out of a room for more than a few minutes at a time, turn off the lights. Use fluorescent or halogen lighting whenever you can. Many of these cost-saving bulbs are made for lamps now.
2. Vote for Conservation Issues
Your vote for conservation issues will go a long way in helping to preserve our Earth.
3. No More Foam Products
When you plan a picnic or a camping trip, take dishes you can wash with you. Foam products never break down. Foam is also dangerous for wildlife, because animals can die if they ingest it.
4. Turn Off the Water
You can save water many times a day. Turn the faucet on at just a small stream, rather than a large blast while you wait for it to get hot. You’d be surprised how much water is wasted this way. Use low-flow showerheads, and limit the time you and your family can be in the shower. Water your lawn in the morning for best use by the plants and for less evaporation.
5. Maintain an Environment-conscious Temperature
Keep your home at a temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a comfortable temperature for most people and will reduce your energy bills.
6. Use Public Transportation
Next time you go to the zoo or the aquarium with your family, use public transportation. Join a car pool. Think of all the time you’ll have to read.
7. Reuse Plastic Items
Take your bottles back to the drug store for refills. Carry plastic bags with you to the grocery store.
8. Join Hands
Teach your friends and family what you’ve learned in this article. Join an environmental organization and stuff envelopes once a month.
By using the tips above, you’ll be well on your way to helping create a cleaner world for those who follow you.