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Whether you are a "Skilled Mechanic" or a
"Weekend Warrior", my step by step procedures on how to change the oil in this 2.5 liter engine will help you successfully complete the job!


1) Raising the front end of the vehicle is necessary to get at the oil drain plug in the bottom of the oil pan.
A) You can drive the car up on ramps or,
B) You will need to lift the front end using the tire jack enough to beable to block up the frame. I use 4"x4" wood blocks and place them under the cars frame.
2) Now that you have the front end of the vehicle up securely, I take a 12" crescent wrench and a oil drain pan under the vehicle and place the pan under the area where I will be loosening the oil drain plug. (This is located in the back of the oil pan.) Loosen the plug with the wrench in a counter clockwise motion. When the plug is loose enough to turn by hand remove wrench and finish removing the plug. Once again I would stress that you make sure the oil drain pan is under the area where the plug comes out or you will have a very big mess. "Believe me I know"!
Once the oil starts draining I remove the oil cap,
which is located on top of the engine, to create a vacuum that will allow the oil to drain quickly and thoroughly.
Once all the oil is drained, I wipe off the plug and all around the surface where the plug fits back in. Screw the plug back in until finger tight. Finish by using wrench until snug.
3) The next project is removing the old oil filter, which is located straight down and in front of the engine as you are facing it.
A) Reach down with both hands and turn filter counter-clockwise to remove it. Once it is
almost off, slow down unscrewing it until it comes off. "Quickly tip filter upright so you do
not spill any oil that is inside the filter".
B)Reach down with a rag and wipe around where oil filter seats onto engine.
C) A secret I have learned when replacing a new filter is to run a thin layer of new oil around the rubber seal of the filter before putting it back on. Doing this seals the filter and eliminates any possible leaks when the oil filter is under pressure.
D) Place new filter onto the threaded shaft and hand tighten until snug. Note: DO NOT overtighten or you may damage the rubber seal.
4) As a rule of thumb, oil is replaced 1 quart per cylinder. So in my case I use 4 quarts of oil to fill my engine to the proper level.
5) Finally, I start the car and check for any leaks. If there are none, you have successfully changed your oil. If it leaks, recheck your oil pan plug and your oil filter to see if they are on tight enough.