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I'm sure all of us have been in one of those really uncomfortable situations that we just don't know how to escape. Unfortunately, sometimes we get a little too tongue-tied, or just completely blank out. Luckily, there are certain things we can do to prepare ourselves for these situations and save face successfully. The key is to first avoid these embarrassing moments altogether, or know what to do in case you find yourself right smack in the middle of one.
Of course, I can't hypothesize every humiliating situation that could ever happen, but I can start with some common ones that most people have come across or will come across in their lives. Slip-ups of the tongue always manage to get us into trouble, tripping and falling can be equally embarrassing, and worse of all the realization that something we were so sure about being right and so stubborn in our explanations was just proven dead wrong. The idea in all of these situations is to remain as cool as possible and act like you're not embarrassed. Just brush it off!
First of all, the best idea is to avoid these situations as much as possible. Even though we can't control slips of the tongue, our clumsy feet, or even our stubborn or unknowing selves, we can control what to do afterwards to save our dignity. Don't act like anything horrible just happened. Try laughing at yourself, making a joke about the situation, or ignoring it altogether. Unless it's an extremely visible mistake, most of the time the other person won't even pay attention to it unless you make it a big deal.
Some more specific tips that you could focus on while speaking to others is to pay attention to the details of your environment and what you are saying, not to talk about topics you don't know too much about, and from my own personal book humiliating moments: Never speak a language if you don't know what you are saying!
The key to rising from an embarrassing situation successfully is to lessen the degree of the moment by being able to peacefully overcome it yourself first. Laugh, joke, or simply ignore! Remember that it's not a big deal unless you make it out to be one.