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Electric typewriters are expensive to get repaired, so if you can fix the problem yourself, more power to you. You will save money, and probably lots of time. Many times if you can’t fix your electric typewriter yourself, it might be better (less expensive and easier) to just buy a new one. Just troubleshoot the problem you are having, then try one of the following remedies:

1. Keys stiff
Let's face it, many of us eat over our typewriters. You might have food or crumbs stuck beneath the keys. Take a toothbrush and run it over the keys, loosening the crumbs. Then, blow the crumbs away. For a deeper cleaning take a vacuum cleaner hose and run it over the keys. This should pick up anything you couldn't get before. If the keys still stick, take a small amount of sewing machine oil and drop it into the key slots. Then work the keys, it should loosen them up.

2. Carriage moves slowly
Take the same type of oil you used before for the keys, and put a small amount on the end of the rod on which the carriage glides. When you move the carriage back and forth, it will pick enough of the oil up to make it glide smoothly again.

3. Key Sticks
This is a common problem. You hit the key, and it sticks to the ribbon, smudging the paper. This usually happens because the key is slightly bent to one side or the other, making it stick to the binding behind the ribbon. Check the binding and wiggle the key the opposite direction. It should straighten out and not stick.

4. Punch holes
If the pressure control on a typewriter are too high, it will throw the key to hard it will punch a hole in your paper. All you have to do it lower the pressure. If the problem persists, the platen might be worn. If that's the case, you might have to take the typewriter to a repair shop.