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A drawer may not slide smoothly inside and outside of its casing for many reasons. Maybe the wood is warped or broken, or maybe the track it is on is broken. This article will help you fix a broken drawer and realign a metal track, so your drawer will be back in working condition.

1. Fix drawer.

First you have to find out why your drawer isn't working properly. If the drawer sticks, the wood could be swollen. This is common in humid climates. If this is a possibility, then wait for the weather to change, and replace the drawer. If the trouble persists, you might want to coat the drawer with a seal to keep the moisture out.

If the drawer sticks or is stuck, check it for warping. If the bottom or one of the sides is slightly warped, you can remove that section and turn it the other way. If the piece is bulging, it needs to be replaced. Remove the damaged section with a saw, and replace it with a new piece of wood. You can simply put the new piece in place, glue the sides together, and let it sit overnight. Remember the drawer will not be seen, so it doesn't have to match perfectly. Now test out your drawer; it should run smoothly in and out of its case.

2. Realign metal tracks.

After years of use, metal tracks can fall out of alignment. To realign them, simply unscrew the screws holding them in place. Then, make adjustments to the track. The front or back might need to come up a little. One side might need to be lowered. You should be able to tell by the way the drawer moves in the track. Whichever side is lower, raise it. Just place the track where you want it, and screw it back in.

If there is bow in the track, screw a block of wood behind the bow. This will keep the track straight. You will know if there is a bow in the track if the roller keeps falling off the track.