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When a plumbing pipe leaks, you need to take action. Even a minor leak should cause concern. It will turn into a large leak over time. When you first notice the leak, cut the water supply, then try to mend the leak. If you are dealing with a large problem, turn off the water supply and call a
plumber. Here is where to shut off the water, depending on where your leak is, and how to repair a small leak.

1. Toilet

If the leak is around your toilet, shut off the valve under the toilet. It is typically located just under the flush tank. If you turn the handle clockwise, it will shut off.

2. Sink

The sink will have two valves located under the sink near its pipes. One is for hot, the other for cold. Make sure to turn both clockwise to shut off the water.

3. Dishwasher

The dishwasher valve is either next to the kitchen sink, or in the basement below the appliance. Again, turn the valve clockwise to shut off the water.

4. Elsewhere

If you have pipes leaking from anywhere else, you need to turn off the water in the whole house. To do that, you need to go outside to your main meter. A label should identify the valve. Turn it clockwise and water to your whole house will turn off.

5. Seal a leak

a. If the leak is small, go ahead and attempt a repair. If it is really large, start the attempt, and call a plumber as well. Then, find where the leak is. If it is a small break in a pipe, you can use sealant to fill the
hole. Plumbers use two-part epoxy. This can be bought at a repair store. Just mix it up according to the directions on the package, place the epoxy on the leak, and let it dry. When it is dry, you can turn the water back on in that area, or in the whole house.

b. For a larger leak, take a rubber hose or rubber sleeve and place it on the leak. Then, take a hose, or pipe clamp, and clamp it to the area. Tighten the clamp, and turn on your water. If the pipe continues to leak, call a plumber.

6. Frozen pipes

If the emergency is frozen pipes, turn off the water. First make sure the freeze did not crack the pipes. If it did, call a plumber immediately. If not, take a hair dryer and move it over the frozen area. Keep the dryer at a moderate distance, so the pipes do not get hot. When flow is restored, you can turn your water back on.