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Makes one six to eight inch wreath


1/4 yard cotton print material
Matching sewing thread
Focal Point
1/8 yard matching silk ribbon – 1/4 inch wide

Cut material in three strips – each measure 30" long by 5 1/4" wide. Take each strip and fold with right sides together. Sew one short end and the long side on the sewing machine using a regular stitch. You will have a long tube. Do this with the other two strips. Once all three strips are sewn, turn right side out through the open end. Stuff with fiberfill making sure the tube is stuffed firmly and stop one inch from the top. Hand sew all three tubes closed. Sew with whipstitch, the top end closed folding the ends inside the tube.

Now you will be braiding the three strips together.

First, sew the top of all three tubes together – the tubes should be lying side by side. Braid the tubes until you can no longer braid them. Hand sew the three ends together. Fold the braided material into a circle and sew the ends together. Sew or glue focal point over the joined ends. Loop silk ribbon through one of the tubes securing it with a knot. The ribbon will be used as the wreath hanger.

Your wreath is now ready to hang on a wall.

This makes an excellent gift and looks very nice on any wall. It’s a great way to perk up any wall or door.