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Our clothes are valuable to us. Many of us have that great going out outfit, or old shirt we love. It is hard to throw them out, when stains set in. If you know what to do, many stains can be removed from washable fabrics. But, what do you do if they are non-washable.
Actually, you can help. Even if you ultimately have to take the item to the cleaners, what you do before hand will determine the outcome. If you take quick and proper care before you turn the item over to them, they will likely be able to remove the stain. If the garment sits in your car for a week, do not be surprised if the cleaner cannot remove the stain.
Here is a list of common household stains, and how to help remove them. Hopefully this will save you a bundle of money, so you do not have to replace any stained garments.
Alcoholic Beverages
No matter what type of alcoholic beverage you spill, blot it off the fabric immediately. Then, take a damp cloth with cold water, and gently rub the area. Take the garment to the dry cleaners as soon as possible.
Normally, you would sponge the area with rubbing alcohol, or ammonia, but this could damage the garment. Take it to the dry cleaners to help.
Baby Formula
It might sound funny, but the best stain removal for baby formula is meat tenderizer. It breaks down the protein that's in formula. Rub the tenderizer into the stain and let it sit, then take it to the cleaners as usual.
Soak the area in cold water as soon as possible. Try to let the blood leave the area naturally. Then, take it to the cleaners as soon as possible.
Butter, Grease or Oil
Scrape the butter off the garment with a knife to remove as much as you can. This will minimize the damage. Then, take it to the cleaners.
Remove the excess chocolate with a knife or something that will not embed the chocolate deeper into your fabric. Then, flush the stain with club soda to prevent setting. Sponge the area with water and detergent, and a few drops of ammonia if needed. Flush it well with water, then let it air dry. It should dry well enough to wear. If not, press it first.
Coffee and Tea
Blot the spot out as quickly as possible, and sponge it will cool water. Then, take it to the cleaners.
Send the garments directly to the dry cleaners. Make sure you tell them what it is. They will need to know whether it is a water or oil based product in order to remove the stain.
Fruit Juices This will stain quickly. Keep cold water on the area, and take to the dry cleaners as soon as possible.
Harden the gum with ice first. Then pull as much of the gum off the garment as possible. Then, take it to the cleaners.
Hair spray can usually remove the ink, but it is risky to put on a non-washable fabric. Read the label carefully. If it is possible to wash, test the hair spray on a part of your clothing first. Hair spray might harm the fabric itself. Then, wash the garment in cold water. If not, take it to the cleaners.
Remove as much of the mustard first, without pressing it into the fabric. Then, take it to the dry cleaners.
Nail Polish
Dry clean these stains.
If it is latex paint, just wash the garment as usual. If it is an oil based paint, act quickly. Take it to the cleaners. But, do not be surprised if they cannot remove oil based paints.
As always, you need to give the dry cleaners as much information as you can. Tell them that you have a stain, what the stain is, and how long it has been there. The more information you can provide, the more likely they will be able to remove the stain.