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Unfortunately no matter how careful you are, this is bound to happen. Whether it is a kitchen sink and someone put food in the side without a garbage disposal, or it is a bathroom sink clogged with hair, you will need to know how to fix the problem. Many people think all they have to do is run for the Drano. But, actually all chemical drain cleaners are dangerous. They are corrosive to the pipes and unsafe for people to handle. So, try to use traditional methods instead of reaching for a bottle. If you decide to use chemical cleaners, make sure you use gloves and follow the directions closely.

If you try the traditional method, great. All you need is a plunger, some gloves, and maybe an auger.

1. Try the plunger
The plunger should really be your first attempt. Remove the stopper or strainer from the sink, then place the plunger over the hole. Make sure it is securely covering the drain to create a vacuum. There should be water covering the rim of the plunger, to create more of a vacuum. If not, release some water into the sink until plunger is covered to the rim. Then, shut off the water.

Once the plunger is in place, and has water over it, pump the handle up and down about 10 times. Release the plunger, and the blockage should release. If you do not see a change in water level, or see the blockage itself, repeat the step again. Try it several times before moving to step 2.

2. Try auger
A closet auger is you last line of defense. It is made to bend at the curves of your sink to release blockage. With gloves on, feed the auger through the sink hole, down into the drain. When the auger stops because it has hit the clog, work the auger back and forth. You can tell the clog from a bend in the pipe by resistance. The pipe is hard, and won't move at all. The clog should feel mushy. Continue to move the auger back and forth until the clog breaks. Then, run some hot water through the pipes to clean the drain.