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Firearms are like most other items that you might own. If you take care of them, and clean them on a regular basis, they will last a very long time. The following article discusses how to clean a Glock 26 9mm pistol.

It is always best to assemble any tools or cleaning utensils that are necessary to clean your pistol before you begin. A quality gun cleaning kit can be purchased at any gun store, or sporting goods store. A cleaning kit includes the following: cleaning rod, patches, and lubricant. You can also purchase a special pad on which to set the pistol as you are cleaning and disassembling it.

Whenever you pick up any handgun, you always need to assume that the gun is loaded. On the Glock 26, remove the magazine, then pull the slide back and eject (if applicable) the round from the chamber. Visibly look into the chamber to ensure that there isn¡¦t a round inside. Release the slide, and, with the pistol pointed down towards the floor, pull the trigger.

1. Dismantle the pistol. After you have ensured that the pistol is indeed not loaded, (by removing the magazine, checking the chamber for a round, and pulling the trigger with the gun pointed safely down towards the floor) remove the slide from the receiver piece. Then remove the barrel from the slide. Be sure to exercise caution since the recoil spring is under extreme tension. Never disassemble the pistol any more than the manufacturer recommends.

2. Clean the pistol.

* Begin by using a small brush to gently clean inside the barrel and slide area, followed by the recoil spring assembly, the receiver, then the magazine.

* Put a few drops of cleaning fluid onto the ends of a small gun patch. Attach the wadding onto the end of a cleaning rod, then run the rod through the barrel piece and back through again. This will pick up any debris that might be inside the barrel.

* Assemble the pistol in the reverse order from which it was taken apart.

* Wipe entire pistol down with a soft chamois cloth.

* Put pistol back in holster or pistol box, out of reach of children. Most pistols today come with a trigger lock. Use of a trigger lock is highly recommended. A good rule of thumb is to keep firearms and ammunition stored separately.

Now that you have a brief overview of how to clean a Glock 26 9mm pistol, don't stop here! Browse through your owner's manual and learn all that you can about your Glock pistol. Please also be sure to follow any applicable gun laws for the state in which you live.