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Making a sandbox can be simple and inexpensive. A sandbox can last for years and your children will love it!

If you haul the sand yourself, the sandbox will not cost much. The biggest cost is for box materials. Actually, a sandbox can even be made without a box. It then becomes a “sandpile.” A sandpile will gradually scatter, until the pile is gone.

To contain the sand in a “box,” you can use four boards, four logs, large rocks, flat stones, cement blocks or anything else that is somewhat durable and capable of keeping the sand within boundaries.

A sandbox does not need to be square. It can be any shape, and with as many sides as you care to make.

Making a sandbox is not an exact craft. You can use various materials and the amount of sand you use depends upon what is available.

Here are some ways to make a sandbox:


Board-sided Sandbox:

Cut the boards to the right size. All four should be of equal length if you want a square box, or cut two longer for a rectangle. Nail the corners together and fill the box with sand.

To make a board bench, which runs all the way around the top edge, do this.
You will need eight boards for the edge, and will run two next to each other all the way around, creating a double frame. Keep the boards about six inches apart. For the bench, use boards one-and-one-half to two inches thick and eight to 12 inches wide. Nail the bench boards to the double frame.


Log Sandbox

Using logs is just as easy. Lay the logs in a square or rectangular shape. Dig a shallow (about 2" deep) ditch for the logs, so they will not roll. Dump the sand in the middle.


Rock-edged Sandbox

Rocks make a great sandbox! Any size and shape of rock can be used. Place the rocks as close together as possible, using the biggest rocks first. The first rocks should be slightly embedded in the ground, to keep them from rolling or sliding. Spaces between the bigger rocks can be filled in with the smaller rocks. Put in the sand and it’s ready!


One word of caution: Cats like sandboxes. You may wish to cover the sandbox, when not in use, with plastic held down at the corners with a few rocks.

Have fun in the sand!