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A surfboard is one of the most expensive sporting goods out there, primarily because they are very labor intensive to make. All surfboards, in fact, are handmade, and most have some artistic design on them as well.

But you can find surfboards significantly cheaper than regular price if you know where to look. The first place to search is classified ads and garage sales. Many people try to take up surfing only to fail or lose interest. An equal number of people surfed when they were young and gave up the sport in middle age. This makes garage sales, swap meets, web sites like e-bay, and other places where used goods are sold ideal.

Another cheap way to get a surfboard is at places that rent surfboards out to tourists. Often, these rental places will sell off old boards to make way for newer stocks or more popular designs. Shops that rent out surfboards are the second place to look when searching out a new board to buy.

Another great resource for finding the cheapest boards in any locale is to ask the life guards. A very high percentage of these guys surf, and they know where they bought their stick and where their friends got theirs.

Finally, surfboards are often shaped by amateurs in garages for considerably less than you would pay for a board at a surf shop. The difficulty here is finding someone who shapes boards as a hobby. Taking out an add in a surfer magazine, a local paper, or posting an add in a local surf shop is your best bet. Lifeguards might also know someone. Be careful though: these amateurs will probably need the money up front, and you lose the assurance of quality when you don't go through a reputable surf shop. But the up side is a custom made board suited to your preferences. In surf shops, the perfect length, thickness, and design can be hard to find.

Best of luck with your board hunting.