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Vehicle maintenance can be costly. By learning how to change the oil in your 1987 Toyota Pickup, you can save yourself time and money. No more waiting in line at the convenient quick lube place—you can do it yourself, on your own time! Changing the oil on a regular basis can help your engine to last.

Consult your owner’s manual
Take the time to familiarize yourself with your owner’s manual. This will tell you the oil capacity for your truck, i.e. how many quarts it will hold. It will also recommend the best type and weight of oil depending on the environment you live in, and what type of filter to buy.

Purchase your parts
Oil and a filter can be purchased at any local auto parts store.

The tools/items necessary for this procedure are a box end wrench, a oil filter wrench and a drain pan/container.

Make sure the engine is warm before you change the oil. This will allow the oil to drain faster.

1. Remove the drain plug located underneath the oil pan on the underside of the engine. Allow the oil to empty out in to the drain pan. When it has completely drained, wipe off any residue put the drain plug back in and tighten it down. Your owner’s manual may refer to a torque chart for this plug.

2. Using the oil filter wrench, remove the old oil filter. Be careful when doing this, as the oil inside will be warm. Using a cloth or rag when removing the filter is advised. Wipe the surface of the oil filter housing clean. Make sure that the gasket from the old oil filter that you just removed did not stick to the housing.

3. Apply a thin film of clean oil to the new oil filter gasket. Install oil filter and snug down. Hand tighten only.

4. Remove the oil filler cap and install oil. Replace filler cap when finished.

5. Start the engine and allow to run for approximately 5 minutes or until engine has reached normal temperature. Check for any oil leaks.

6. Pull the dipstick and check the oil level. It should be clean and the level should read ‘full’.

7. Update your maintenance records so that when 3,000 miles has passed you can change your oil again.

When you change your oil this is also a good time to check other routine things on your truck, such as the fluid levels, tire pressure and wiper blades.

Now that you have learned how to change the oil in your 1987 Toyota truck, don’t stop here. Review your Owner’s manual and learn all that you can about your vehicle. Maintenance on any vehicle can be expensive, so, the more maintenance that you can perform on your own, the more money that you will save.