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If you are not sure your chair has a hand woven seat, check the seat for holes. If there are holes around the seat frame, you know it was woven by hand.

If the weaving is loose, or has simply fallen apart, you will be able to replace it. All you need is some new cane, some binder, a pair of scissors, some pegs or golf tees, and an awl. Follow these steps, and you'll be on the way to a new set of chairs.

1. Buy cane and binder - Cane is the bark of a rattan palm. It is a resilient material. It comes in hanks, and most seats will require 250 feet. So go ahead and buy enough for the number of seats you need to repair. Binder is a wider strand that borders the cane. You can find both at a craft store or a caning supplier.
2. Soak cane - Once you have the cane, you will need to soak each strand in water for about 15 minutes. While they are soaking remove the imperfect canes. You can use them for binding later on. While the cane soaks, go ahead and clean the holes in the chair with an awl.
3. Weave first series - Take one soaked cane, lift it through the top left hole. Leave about 4 inches hanging to the ground, and pin the cane with a golf tee or peg. Take that same cane strand and take it to the left bottom hole, then weave it underneath the chair to the next hole, then bring it up, and take it to the top 2nd hole. Repeat this until you have all the up and down lines filled, and the cane is in the bottom right corner. Take that piece of cane and peg, or tee it in place.
4. Weave side to side series - You are going to do the same thing, except cover the chair from side to side. Start by taking one of the soaked canes and start at the right top corner. Weave it in and out of the strands that are already there, working your way down each whole to the bottom right.
5. Weave 2nd series - The 2nd series will strengthen your first. Simply repeat steps 3 and 4.
6. Weave diagonal - Next you will want to weave a diagonal pattern. Start on the right side, on the top hole, and move to the top of the chair on the right hole. Keep moving one hole down on each side until you reach the far left. Weave above and below the previous up/down pattern.
7. Weave diagonal again - You want to weave another diagonal pattern, except this time, starting in the top left corner. This will complete the pattern.
8. Dampen loose ends - To damped the loose ends, tie them in knots underneath the chair. Trim the excess cane to about one inch.
9. The last step is to bind the cane - Take your awl and push it through the holes to make room for the binder. Then, peg the binder to the top center hole. Knot the binder underneath, and start circling the ends of the cane. You will wrap the cane all the way around the outside of the chair, until you reach top center again. Once you do, remove the peg and tie a knot underneath the last hole with the binder. Cut off any loose edges, and polyurethane any loose fringe.