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Daily wear and tear on chairs could weaken or break a chair rail. If you are like most people, you are probably hard on furniture. No matter how high quality your chairs are, they could weaken or break over time. Scooting toward and away from the table is a natural way to brake the rails or rungs of a chair. If one breaks, repair is as soon as possible. The broken rail will put pressure on other joints, causing further repairs.

Fixing a rail is not difficult. You just need some glue, sandpaper, a hammer or mallet, and some clamps. Follow these steps, and you'll have a new chair.

1. If the break is in the middle, simply glue the pieces together. Select a fast drying wood glue. This will do the job well, but won't allow for many mistakes. You will have to wipe of any excess quickly and with a towel so it does not stick to your hands.

2. Then, place the two sides of the rail back together. Use a clamp to keep them together overnight. This should be plenty of time to dry.

3. If the brake is near the leg of the chair, you will need to glue it, and nail or screw it together. First, follow steps one and two. This will repair the break. But, do not leave chair overnight to dry. Because the brake is so close to the leg, it really needs extra support. Take a nail or screw and drive it through the opposite side of the chair leg, through the brake, into new wood. You might want to use a long thin, screw.

4. Again, clamp the chair down, and leave it overnight. This will allow the glue to dry, and the screw to settle in place.

5. The next day remove the clamps, and test out your repaired chair leg. It should be as good as new.