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Ceiling fans create a nice breeze inside or outside a home. They have become so popular, people have them in nearly all the room in their homes.
They have found ceiling fans to cut down on electric bills, because they do not need to run their air conditioners as much. Installing a ceiling fan is not very difficult. Instead of hiring someone to do it, many people install their own. To do it, you need to understand how to properly wire the fan.
1. Install fan, with light already there
First, if you are installing a ceiling fan in place of a light fixture, the fan can connect to the existing wires in the ceiling box. But, make sure a ceiling fan is appropriate for this box. You do not want to trip a switch. With that said, if the outlet could handle a light, it should be able to handle a ceiling fan. Make sure you mount the fan one foot from the ceiling and at least 7 feet above the floor. Also make sure the joist or cross brace will hold the weight of the fan. Once you mount it, turn off the electricity to wire it.
2. Connect wires
Then, all you have to do is connect the wires. You do this by putting both ends of the wire into a connector tube. You will need to connect black to black, and white to white. If there is a light fixture involved, you will also have another wire, usually blue. Connect it to the light of the fan.
3. Intalling fan where there is no fixture
If you are installing a ceiling fan where there is no fixture, or no electrical box, you will have to mount a new box and run a new circuit or extend a circuit to it. While this is feasible, it is very difficult in a finished home. You will have to cut holes in your attic, ceiling, and maybe
the wall. Since it is a ceiling fan, the best way to go is through the attic. Locate a joist in the room you want the fan to be, and drill a 1/8 inch hole from below. If the area is clear, go ahead and drill a hole into the attic floor. Then, take the circuit box and place it above this hole. Trace the outline of the box, and make a hole to the room below. In the attic install an adjustable bar hanger. The circuit box will hang on this. Screw the hanger in tightly, this ultimately is what will hold your ceiling fan.
4. Running wire
Now it is time to run a wire from the box to a wall switch or electrical outlet. This is where you already have power. If you want the to be able to turn the fan on and off with a switch, select the wall switch. Feed the wire from the box to the outlet. Now all you have to do is wire the fan. You do this the same way as if you had a light fixture. Follow the directions above.