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CD Players are gradually becoming the most popular music format in the world. They work by having digital code stamped on the underside of a 4 inch wide flat plastic disc. This code is aligned on a spiral track. As the player rotates the disc a laser beam is focused on the disk and reflected back through an objective lens to a detector, which reads the digital information representing sound then sends analog pulses to an amplifier.

Just about the only servicing to be done on a CD player is to clean it thoroughly, and if broken, replace a motor, belt, or tray.

Gaining access

a.. Shut off the power.
b.. Remove the housing screws either on the side or bottom or both.
c.. Slide the housing away from the front panel. Some units require the
removal of the front panel in order to reach some parts.
d.. The tray front can then be removed
e.. Check along the panels edges for any tabs or screws that secure the front panel.

Servicing the disk tray and belt

Always use the push button to open and close the tray. Bumping it while open can damage it. Forcing the tray can strip its plastic gears. If the tray is stuck it could be the result of a faulty motor, a damaged or jammed gear, or a dirty or broken drive belt. Remove the tray and inspect the gears for damage and the tray arms for cracks. Replace a damaged tray. Relubricate the gears and the travel rail with a dab of white lithium grease.

a.. Open housing and remove any foreign object blocking tray. Press the button to open tray and unplug unit. To remove the clip on front brace the tray and slip the panel to one side.
b.. Unplug any cables connecting the front panel. Remove screws securing the front panel and carefully lift off. If it won't budge check underneath for clips or additional screws.
c.. Gently pull the tray out of the player. Clean the travel rail and guides with a swab dipped in denatured alcohol. Lubricate with white lithium grease.
d.. Remove the belt to inspect for dirt, wear, or damage. Avoid touching the belt with fingers (skin oil can cause slippage). Use cotton gloves or tweezers. Clean with lint free cloth moistened with denatured alcohol. Replace the belt if damaged.
Cleaning the objective lens

Access to the lens varies from model to model, but cleaning is the same. Use a soft brush or a can of compressed air to remove heavy dust. Gently wipe with camera lens tissue or foam swab moistened with lens cleaner. Never clean lens with the player on.

Servicing the tray motor

a.. A dirty motor plug can make the tray work intermittently. To clean it, unplug it and spray with electrical contact cleaner. Plug and unplug repeatedly.
b.. The motor is often clipped in place with a pair of wire bales. To remove the motor depress the end of each bale with a finger and lift up.
c.. To replace the motor, remove the drive belt with tweezers or a gloved hand. Lift the motor out. Connect new motor the opposite of removing the old one.
For other problems or problems with these tips, contact a professional technician.