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For the most part carpet care can be done on your own. It requires a vacuum, preferably a steam cleaner, and some tools to repair damaged areas. Maintaining your carpet will cut down on damage and wear.

a.. Vacuum - To keeping your carpet clean vacuum it regularly, about once a week. This will keep the dirt from grinding into the carpet as you walk. Some carpets handle traffic and dirt better than others. You will need to think about this when installing your carpet. Wool and nylon carpets retain their shape and are very stain resistant. Olefin is probably the most durable, but is more typically used outdoors. While most people like a nice plush feel to their carpet. The softer the carpet, the faster it will wear.

b.. Steam Clean - A steam cleaner can be expensive, but you will be amazed by how clean it gets your carpet. If you do not want to buy one, many companies offer to come to your house to complete the job. Steam cleaning takes hot water, pushes it along the fibers of your carpet to lift dirt out. It works very well on wool, nylon and polyester carpets. Olefin or polypropylene carpets are made to be water resistant, so they are less apt to get the full affects of the steam cleaner. If you hire someone to come to your home, make sure you can either be away for the day, or not have anyone walk on the carpets. They will need to dry after the cleaning for about two or three hours. You will be able to touch the carpet and tell when it is dry.

c.. Replace Damage - The third way to keep your carpets maintained is by replacing damaged spots. You do it by simply taking a saved piece of carpet and replacing the damaged area. Using a sharp utility knife, cut out the damaged area. Always cut a square area, so it is easy to replace. Take double sided carpet tape and cut strips to fit into the hole left behind. Take the old piece of carpet and set it over the new. Take a straightedge and cut a new piece of carpet around the old. Then, take the new piece of carpet and place it in the empty hole. Take something fairly heavy and place it on the new piece of carpet. You want to weigh the new carpet down, so it sticks to the adhesive, and doesn't stand higher than your other carpet. Let is set for a couple hours, and you have a new patched carpet.