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The goal of many people is just to make a little extra income. If you consider $1,000 to $3,500 or more for a single sale in one month extra income, you could easily make that in your spare time without much effort. If you are going to buy one or two cars at a time for resale on a part-time basis, then working from your home shouldn't pose a problem for you.
If you intend to have a large, full-time business, then the most important ingredient will depend on your location. The business must be visible in a high traffic area and be situated so that the driving customer can get to you.
Next, you must locate suppliers. In some cases you will be able to buy directly from individual car owners. At other times you will go to independent auction houses or attend U.S. Government Auction Sales. Sales are generally on a competitive bid basis, with the property being sold to the highest bidder. Last but not least city, county, state and or/federal, licenses or permits are often required before entering a particular business or service. In the used-car business, most states require that you obtain a dealers' license if you are buying and selling vehicles for the purpose of making a profit. You can apply for a Dealers' License by contacting your State department of Public Safety or Department of Motor Vehicle. Check with your attorney or other city officials to determine what licenses and permits are needed.