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Old habits die hard. Bad habits die harder. We've been conditioned to respond to a stimulis of bad habit. Ring a bell? A habit is like taking a path of least resistance. Naturally we follow our conditioned response. We are slaves to instant gratification and we are rewarded by our habit. It becomes a tough circle to break.

Why do we drink ourselves drunk only to suffer the morning after? Its because we've accepted the morning blues as part and parcel of our drinking spree. To do without is impossible. You may not be able to quit drinking straight away but you can slowly taper off your love affair with drink Tell yourself moderation is the key to having your cake and eating it. Stop before you lose your head and your control.

One of the toughest nuts to crack is quitting smoking. It is more than a habit. Its an addiction as cigarettes contain chemicals which brainwash the brain into believing that nicotine is a necessity. Quitting smoking is like weaning a baby from nicotine. There is Nicotine Replacement Therapy for gradual weaning off nicotine.

How do we break a bad habit? We have to fight ourselves. Turn a bad habit into a good one.This is another type of HRT. Not Hormone Replacement Therapy but Habit Replacement Therapy. Substitute a good habit every time you feel the urge to do a bad habit. Make the changes in your life. Remind yourself constantly of the delayed reward. This will help you see light at the end of the tunnel.
You can brainwash yourself. Unleash your power of decisive change. Remember how you make New Year Resolutions? Apply the same to break that bad habit.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Another way of breaking that bad habit is to have graphical or physical reminders of the bad consequences that are impending. Plaster your reminders all over the house or places where you'll most likely to break your resolution. Associate that bad habit with an undesirable consequence that you hate. You'll learn not to spill your guts out for that hateful result.

It may be tough to substitute a bad habit for a good one but its possible. You can't teach an old dog new tricks but we are humans who are  intelligent enough to learn.Try to think of the ways to ease the transition from  bad to good.
Addictions are difficult to break free because they tamper with the brain. Replacement Therapies work to ease the transition from "have"  to " have not". Going cold turkey may  not be  for the faint -hearted.

Habits are learned behaviours. They can be unlearned. The long term rewards of good habits far out-weigh the immediate gratification of bad ones. Its time to kick out that bad habit!