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If you were to start researching all of the different information out about kicking habits, you would come up with so many different opinions, that it could take years to read it all and by then you may have to break the habit of researching.

I have done some searching of my own and have come up with some of the most popular ways to tackle this never ending battle. Many people try to just stop doing something they have done for years and many fail, But if we look at it as substituting and replacing it seems to help many stay on the straight and narrow. The idea is deprivation does not work. We not only have a hard time letting go of a habit because it is something we have done for years but, because we are human and we rebel agaist the idea that we CAN'T do something. Therefore it is easier to offer ourselves something we CAN do in place of something we have to let go of. In order for this to be successful, I have learned the need to Practice changing the behavior. If we practice taking a walk instead of eating between meals we will not only lose a bad habit, but gain a good one. This can make the transition easier because we are getting used to doing This instead of That. The key is to take however long you need to make a long term plan and be sure it is one you can stick too. There are no rules here but I will give you an example.

My goal is to quit smoking.

I plan to practice doing other things when I get a craving.

I will make a list of all the things I can do instead of smoking.

I will plan to make the start date a date I can look forward to and one that will mean a lot to me. Such as my Birthday, Christmas, New Years...

I will continue to practice and come up with alternative activities until it is time for me to make the change.

My list of alternatives could include anything and my start date could be in 1 day or 1 year it does not matter as much as the planning. It seems that a well thought through plan is the back bone to breaking a habit or changing a behavior. Another theory is that the more time you put into your plan the more committed you will be, when it comes time to make the change. If you have clear goals ahead that you can keep visible at all times, You will always know where you are going. I have found that most of us don’t try to break habit’s for the simple fun of it, There is usually a reason behind it. If you know what that reason is youcan broaden your goals and strive for a full on Take Over of who you are and where youare going. However, If you come to the battle with little or no knowledge of the “whole” picture, You will not only lack the ability to defeat the enemy, But you will lack the knowledge of who or what the enemy is. Hopefully by gaining a better knowledge of self, you will have the right ammo to win not only the battle but the entire war.